Nigels Blog – Request From Mother Club

Request from the Mother Club which I would all like us to support if we can.

Dear Nigel,

I hope you have made a good start to your Rotary Year.  We are doing well in our Club after a summer break. As well as being involved in Rotary, I am also a support volunteer for Northampton Samaritans, who are looking for a volunteer to lead  on fundraising for the charity.  It would involve working with a small team who look after the finances of the branch, which has about 100 listening volunteers. It would perhaps take 1-3 hours a week on average.  It is based in St Michael’s Avenue Northampton.  I would be very grateful if you could ask if anyone in your Club might have a little spare time and some expertise in this area, and might be interested in helping out.  Please direct enquiries to me, and I can forward them to the appropriate Samaritan.  With best wishes,  David Lawrence, President Wellingborough Rotary Club.