President Blog


Dear all

I am so proud to be a Hatton Rotarian! I am most honoured and humbled to become elected for the 2nd  time as President of Hatton in 16th July and with the help and support of our council and fellow Club members, I will do my best to meet the challenge ahead in 2024/25.

Our club has been built on a strong leadership foundation, and I am fortunate to foster a membership that is fully committed to the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self, and continues to go the extra mile in building the club, and carrying out the many worthwhile projects that we undertake for the benefit of our local and wider community in Wellingborough

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Immediate Past President Tony and last years council for a very successful year. During his year Tony

did many things to show his support for me as his successor, and I thank him, and caution him that I will be depending on his continued support throughout the next year.

My goal as your president for the next 12 months will be to act as a true leader getting everyone around me to achieve the most they can possibly achieve .

Through Rotary, Ihave discovered what is possible when a group of like-minded individuals get together to make a difference. I know that you all have made such a huge difference and I thank you all on behalf of myself and all our beneficiaries for all your endeavours as a Hatton Rotarian .

See you all hopefully at the handover on 16th July ,


Nigel Grimmitt

President Hatton Rotary