Presidents AGM Address

Presidents Report 

The Hatton Rotary 2018 AGM

Fellow Rotarians it is with great pleasure that I submit this report having almost completed my year as your president.

The past year has seen some very positive results from our fundraising endeavours such as the Poppy appeal , Santa Sleigh and matched funding for Post Polio Hydrotherapy at Moulton . 

I am pleased with the clubs response to presenting new initiatives via the council which enables any club member to make and suggest new initiatives and see projects through to final funding. 

Our six weekly council meetings seemed to have worked well and provided ample time for new developments to be brought through the committee stages for consideration and action.

The club programme has been varied and has included the odd snooker night which proved popular. I must add my disappointment at the turnout on guest speaker nights which has proved to be embarrassing. I hope that the incoming president Richard can work more closely with Ken Harrington to organise the next 12 month programme to ensure appropriate bookings are made falling outside of standard holiday periods for example August and bank holiday weekends. I must thank Ken sincerely for his hard work, true grit and determination towards the programme delivery and organisation . I also feel that Ken has been

let down on occasions by the nominated welcoming hosts who failed to

meet and greet our guests in the bar and chaperone upstairs for dinner etc . I hope the club could make a positive decision to ensure this duty is exercised much better in the future.

Our club lost a very well respected and experienced Rotarian Alan Johnson last year and he is sadly missed . Thank you to  the club members who have offered Jan warmth and empathy in her sad loss and it’s so good to hear that Jan is involving herself in our club activities and with her colleagues in Inner Wheel. I must also mention Rotarian Brian Evans who sadly lost his wife Karen so recently. I am so pleased that Brian has been able to return so quickly to Rotary where I’m sure the clubs support and friendliness has been a blessing and positive influence in such difficult times .

In conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of being your Hatton Rotary President and hope that I can continue to support the club with the high degree of enthusiasm and dedication in the future.

I wish to thank all committee chairmen for their hard work and endeavours towards making Hatton Rotary a very progressive and respected club recognised for its successes both locally and nationally.

Thank you club officers for your support in my presidential year in particular Derek and David who made my journey stress free most of the time. Well done Bob Parfitt in gaining his award recently and my special thanks go to Duncan for bringing the club into the 21st century with  the web site and Facebook. 

Tony Frankland a big thank you for organising the Wendell Walk and Santa’s Sleigh and Dick Parsley and Alan Waller for spring boarding the Post Polio provision . 

And finally my very best wishes and good luck to your incoming president Richard Brooks who for his work on the family fun day and as Vice President to me was second to none . 

May I finally wish the Hatton Rotary Club my sincere thanks for putting up with me and for making my journey as your president a fantastic and honourable experience in my life.