100 Up and Going Strong

Members of the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship will complete their 100th hydrotherapy session in the specialist pool at the Chris Moody Centre, Moulton College, on 4th June. Each session lasting 30 minutes and is a progressive exercise programme conducted by Kirsten Good, a specialist physiotherapist from “Physiofunction”. All of those taking part had polio when they were much younger and now have the return of the debilitating symptoms known as Post-Polio Syndrome. Up to 5 members of the fellowship attend each session which are designed to strengthen muscle tone and improve mobility. A significant side effect is the freedom of movement gained from exercise in the warm water pool and the fun of the activity. Smiles are the order of the day.

The programme has been supported by the Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club for almost 3 years using matched grants from the Rotary Foundation to help fund the programme. Club members attend each session to provide physical support for those needing wheelchair assistance.

By Dick Parsley

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