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The now regular weekly hydrotherapy pool sessions for the members of the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship could not be held on Thursday 25th October because the pool at The Chris Moody Centre at Moulton College was under maintenance. However, this cancellation gave the opportunity to trial a session in the gym to assess whether this would be another opportunity to extend the benefits of supervised exercise to those who are unable to join in the pool sessions. Seven members of the group exercised for 40 minutes mainly sitting down, under the direction of their usual physiotherapist Kirsten Good. The initial reaction was that such exercise sessions would help mobility and the laughter throughout was certainly a great medicine for all concerned.

Gym Session 3 Gym Session 2 Gym Session 1


A whole crowd from the club attended this year’s annual district conference where there was the more serious side at the conference and an enjoyable social dimension which the pictures tell the story. David was also there to promoting awareness of Dementia UK.

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IMG_1543 IMG_1538



IMG_1528 IMG_1523 IMG_1524 IMG_1525
IMG_1233 IMG_0853 tim-gala-ball  DAISY-CHAINS-5


The Burdwall Golf Day



The Burdwall Charity Golf Day 2018 saw an excellent turn out of 44 players making up 11 teams. The weather was kind for most of the day though the last 2 teams experienced an late drenching shower which they happily battled through!

The course was in good condition following the long dry summer and the round was cleverly modified to ensure a full quota of holes, allowing for 2 holes being out of action due to essential tree work.

The day finished with a good meal and prize giving with wistful thoughts of “must do better” for next year.

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DSC_6461 DSC_6469 DSC_6471 DSC_6481
DSC_6487 DSC_6488 DSC_6504 DSC_6512
DSC_6514 DSC_6518 DSC_6521 DSC_6522
DSC_6523 DSC_6524 DSC_6525 DSC_6537

Burdwall Charity Golf Day



Alan and his team have organised this years charity golf day and all money raised will split between the Rotary Club and Home Farm Trust  Click HOME FARM TRUST. Please support this excellent event for further details contact  email Wwright200@aol.com or alan.waller@efeso.com


Nigel Hands Over The Reins To President Richard

Last week Nigel handed over the Presidency to Richard who also appointed his key officers


Nigel Becomes President Elect Nigel Becomes President Elect Paul Becomes Junior Vice Paul Becomes Junior Vice George Becomes Club Secretary George Becomes Club Secretary Brian becomes Sergeant At Arms Brian Becomes Sergeant At Arms









Hatton Rotary Club and  Hatton Inner Wheel met together on Tuesday 26th June and Presidents Nigel and Jilla presented cheques to Dr Hilda HayoChief Admiral Nurse of Dementia UK.



The cheques represented fund raising activities by the two clubs during the Presidential year as contributions towards the work of the Charity providing valuable help and guidance to those affected by the Dementia condition and their carers. In her response Dr Hayo said that these funds would be earmarked for the benefit of the Charity’s work in the Wellingborough area




Nigel’s Gourmet Evening

It was a great evening with good food great company and excellent music and as you can see we all had Fun!!

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20180612_215646 20180612_215533 20180612_215716 20180612_215655
20180612_215745 20180612_215732 20180612_215539 20180612_215601
20180612_215614 20180612_215525 20180612_215801 20180612_215844
20180612_220304 20180612_215655 20180612_220027 20180612_220109





The Family Fun Day

The Family Fun Day was a real success thanks to Richard and Dave plus the whole club who rallied  round to support the event AND the weather was on our side too. We made approximation £2,500 for local charity and we estimate over 2000 people attended.


DSC_6318 DSC_6283 20180602_142507 DSC_6303
DSC_6271 20180602_142843 20180602_125800 20180602_125747
DSC_6387 20180602_143216 DSC_6332 20180602_125947
20180602_130000 20180602_130015 20180602_130000 20180602_142155
20180602_170418 DSC_6303 20180602_142838 DSC_6445
DSC_6402 DSC_6353 DSC_6378 DSC_6364
20180602_142859 DSC_6318 DSC_6315 20180602_142250


Winners of the prize draw on Saturday.

First prize ticket number 060 Steve Church of WellingboroughFFD18 Programme cover

Second prize ticket number 279 Marie Franks of Higham Ferrers

Second prize ticket number 055 J Wells

Third prize ticket number 280 Helen Odams of Towcester

Please make contact at info@hattonrotary.co.uk

International Champions of Change Awards 2018

International heroes from across Great Britain and Ireland were honoured at the fifth annual awards night in Cardiff on 18th May.



Unsung heroes from across Great Britain and Ireland were honoured at the fifth annual awards night in Cardiff on 18th May.
The Lord Mayor of Cardiff hosted the event in the City Hall, along with other local dignitaries and supporting Rotarians.

The winners were presented with their awards by National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ Chair Peter Kellner and President Denis Spiller. Bob Parfitt
Bob cIMG_1645ompleted outstanding work to help orphaned children in Croatia, leading to being presented with the International Champions of Change award.

Back in the nineties Bob was moved to Croatia, where the war was just coming to an end, leaving a huge number of displaced persons, including orphans who had seen sights that nobody should witness.
He organised convoys of at least five vehicles at a time and subsequently sent aid consignments using road trains to a vast number of people living below the poverty line.
As if this were not enough, Bob has helped equip a hospital in the Gambia over the last two decades and has visited Bansang to assess what is most needed.
He went on to equip schools in Sierra Leone, another country ripped apart by war.
His sourcing of medical and kitchen items for Mercy Ships is inspiring and he stays aboard the ship in Liberia IMG_1658to give practical help.
From Bob Lymn:I am delighted to have accompanied Bob to receive his Champion of Change award for which he was nominated by our club. A just reward for fantastic work. A true Rotarian

* This was lifted from the Mother Club Website




This is a free event for the whole family with a range of amusements including fun fair rides, market village to live music in the arena.

Why not give the family treat and bring them along for the whole afternoon and enjoy the entertainments plus refreshments from ice creams to a pint through to burgers etc.


Rotary at the Waendel Walk


The first Rotary sponsored Waendel Walk went very well thanks to Tony in conjunction with Wellingborough Council who organised the event and thanks go to the whole club who turned out in force on the night to marshal and support the event and Paul James who rounded off the evening with his brilliant entertaining talents.20180511_174631

20180511_174844 20180511_174716 20180511_174807 20180511_174844
20180511_174854 20180511_180259 20180511_180308 IMG_0347
IMG_0356 20180511_174926 IMG_0362  IMG_0361

On Sunday Dick and Bob manned the water station at Sywell Country park


Purple4Polio update

Update for everyone in Wellingborough who donated towards the Rotary Purple4Polio collection last Sept.DSCF1152 (002)

A big thank you for your kind donation.  You have helped Rotary towards elimination of Polio in the world.

The crocus corms you received in return for your donation will be flowering soon in the garden.  If you kept them indoors they may be flowering or have flowered already. Wherever they were planted we hope you enjoy the purple flowers!

The latest news is:

  • You have helped more than one million Rotarians worldwide towards the eradication of polio.
  • Since Rotary started this huge worldwide campaign, more than 16 million in the developing world, who would otherwise be paralysed, are walking because they have been immunized against polio.
  • More than 650,000 cases of polio are now prevented every year.
  • Since 1988 more than 2.5 billion children have received oral polio vaccine.
  • The number of polio cases has declined from 350,000 in 1985 to 37 in 2016 and to 22 in 2017.
  • By the time the world is polio free Rotary’s contribution will have exceeded US$2.2 billion including US$985million matching funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

You have helped us in this huge task.   Thanks again!

Rotary Foundation Committee (Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club)

By Nigel Cheetham




Ken organised a very interesting visit to the Castle Theatre on Tuesday and  were able see back stage and learn about such things as how the lighting was operated we also saw the operation of the sound system and how  the scenery was moved around and many of the technical challenges in running a theatre . This concluded with a visit to the in house restaurant Franky’s whereas you can see everyone thoroughly enjoyed . It turned out they served enormous and Burgers where I discovered that an Express Tower was definitely too much to handle.




20180206_200320 20180206_200705 20180206_201008 20180206_201023
20180206_201744 20180206_203212 20180206_203219 20180206_211726
20180206_211749 20180206_215043

Master Chef From Wrenn Goes through To The District Final

The Wrenn Academy winner from the Wrenn final on 20th December receiving his prize from Nigel. He beat six other Wrenn finalists all of whom had got through three previous local rounds.  The winner Norbert Chabros is in Year 9 and 13 to 14 yeas old.


The district (East) final was held on 3rd February at Queen Katharine Academy in Peterborough. There were 14 competitors with Norbert representing Wrenn Academy and Hatton Rotary. He was younger than most of the others and did really well. His three courses, cooked from scratch in two hours.

IMG_20180203_123138823 IMG_20180203_123131236 IMG_20180203_123125072

The District Governor  Chris Davies presented  his certificate and we both felt that he must have been close to the top three.



By Mark Short




The Boys Enjoy a Great Snooker Evening

We had a great evening and whilst the standard of snooker wasn’t brilliant there was great hilarity had by all of watching members demonstrate their snooker skills after an hour of hard snooker we succeeding in potting all the balls and David Cernik who turned out to be be shade better than the rest of us won the competition of the highest break.P1080059

P1080054 P1080053 P1080052 P1080051
P1080049 P1080050 P1080048 P1080047
P1080046 P1080039 P1080042 P1080038

The Film BREATH A Polio Survivors Tale


END POLIOWith the permission of the theatre management the Rotarians staged a display in the foyer, spoke to the audience before each showing not only about the eradication campaign which has helped reduce the number of cases worldwide from 365,000 in 1983 to just 16 this year so far, but also about the worPOST POLIO SYNDROMEk of the Polio Fellowship. A short reinforcing video was also included in the film programme and a collection was taken at the end of the show to help fund the provision of vaccine.

The Rotarians would like to thank the staff and management of the Castle Theatre for supporting this activity, and just as importantly to thank the members of each audience who gave so generously. The total sum raised was just over £260 which in real terms equates to the provision of vaccine that will help treat 1500 children.

Dick Parsley

Santa Sleigh Raises £2,068

Hatton Rotary Club held our annual Santa Sleigh collection and community project last week

Once again it drew a fantastic response and support from the public with children greeting Santa and his helpers on the three nights we were among the community. Special thanks to John and his customers at The Coach & Horses for their generous donations on Wednesday evening and our own member Rob Hart for his support at The Old House on the Friday.

Our thanks to Tesco, Victoria Park and Morrison’s, Sharman Road for hosting a collection night each and their customers engaging in the festivities we would also like to thank David Hall and his team at TruckEast Ltd, Scania, Wellingborough who supplied the power for our lighting and Festive music from the sleigh.


With the resources from our own club members and friends of Hatton Rotary we had record support and the club donated;

  • 61 shifts
  • 146.75 hours
  • 25 Hatton Rotarians participating
  • 3 friends of Hatton Rotary

It was a great way for us to engage with the town and we hope bring Christmas festivities to as many as we could, thank you all for your support.

If you are interested in becoming a Rotarian or ‘friend of Hatton, please visit our website for contact details.

Tony Frankland

Santa Sleigh committee 2017

Hatton Rotary Club of Wellingborough


A Big  Thanks to the Organiser Tony Frankland who worked tirelessly through out  the week.



Welcome To Dr Andrew Wainwright

A big Welcome to Andrew who was inducted to the Club as a full member at last Tuesday’s meeting.