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Many, many thanks for helping us to face the public, raise their awareness of polio and collect money in the Swansgate today. We distributed most but not all of our crocus corms  – there will be some left for next Tuesday – and we raised the grand sum of £286.21p. So if we deduct the purchase price of £85 that is a clear surplus of £201.21 which will translate into just over 1200 doses of vaccine when we add the Gates Foundation uplift.

Thanks go to Nigel and Sheila for bagging and tagging our corms and thank you Sheila and Jilla for pitching in during the day to help fill the gaps.


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A Visit From The Mayor and Mayoress

Malcolme and Veronica gave us a very interesting talk about their chosen charity Contact The Elderley  and all the members were touched by what they had to say. They concluded their presentation by asking if we could spread the word to encourage volunteers to set up another group in the area. This link will take you the the Charity’s website  View the website. Here you will be bale to find out more  information on how to start a group.

President Alan took the opportunity to present them  with a picture of them taken at our Family Fun Day.






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33rd Annual Burdwall Golf Charity

The 33rd Annual Burdwall Golf Charity held at Wellingborough Golf Club on Monday 19th September


We have held 32 excellent tournaments, and over the years raising well over £33,000 for deserving causes.  All proceeds this year again will be split between the HFT ( Home Farm Trust )which is A national charity dedicated to the care and development of adults with learning disabilities, and charities supported by the Rotary Club of Wellingborough Hatton.  Every single penny raised is guaranteed to go to those in need without any management or administration charges.


 This year teams  competed for  several cups and prizes for the morning and afternoon  rounds including an individual memorial trophy for Timmy Waller kindly provided by The Rotary Club of Wellingborough Hatton for the best 9 hole putting competition score.


A fantastic day was had by all albeit rather wet and soggy but the weather conditions did not distract from what proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable days golf. Special thanks go to Alan Waller and his organising team who again made the whole day thoroughly enjoyable.



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Social Club Night at Rob Harts Brewery

We had a great night with Rob finding out about the history of brewing in Wellingborough. Everyone enjoyed a what was a pleasant convivial evening with lots of laughter and many pints of Rob’s excellent brew were drunk. A warm welcome was given to our 4 guests who came along and it would be good to see many more of your friends at the next Social Club evening currently scheduled for 25th October.

Thanks go to Rob for organising a brilliant event and sharing with us his wide knowledge of brewing.





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Important Changes To The Apologies System

Further to the  discussions at the last business meeting Duncan has  agreed with Peter Hall, the Chef at the Golf Club, that we move the deadline for apologies to 12.00 pm on the day of our meeting however this was on the strict understanding this would be an absolute deadline with all apologies logged through the website. He will not accept any other method this allows him to be absolutely sure of an accurate number of members attending enabling him to make the appropriate calculations for the food preparation. As always if you do experience problems logging your apologies please call Duncan Forbes on his mobile who will help sort out the problem. Please note the deadline for Social Club Nights will vary dependent on the requirements of the organiser .

The District Conference at Nottigham

Members attended the District Conference which took place over 17th and 18th September.




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Please click the link below to see the latest Newsletter from the District Governor.





The members and their partners had a very pleasant evening  and were given a tour of the original Rushden Station complete with an excellent bar with varied beers and very ornate beer pumps all of which impressed Rob. This culminated in a buffet meal in an original British Rail carriage which gave us real feel for a bygone era which some of our members fondly recall.

The headline picture below shows president Alan giving a regal vote of thanks for the evening.





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We have now updated and extended the diary on the site to March 17.

IT and Comms Team 


The Website has now been updated to show this year’s officers please check to make sure any information displayed is correct if not please let Duncan Forbes know.

We have made a further improvement to assist members in understanding if they have satisfactorily logged their apology. A new tab called Attendance  has been added to the members area so everyone can now see who has logged apologies on the site.

IT and Communications Team


A Delightful Trip To Elton Hall

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Elton Hall, the weather was kind to us on the day which showed it off in its best light. We had 2 superb guides who showed us around the Hall which was inspiring, we were particularly  impressed by the quality of the furniture and  famous paintings including Turner,Gainsborough & many more. All who came enjoyed the experience including the garden center & cafe. The trip  was then followed by lunch and a few ales, which Tony seems to be particularly enjoying, at The Crown Inn in the village.


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President Tony Handed over the Presidency To Alan Last Week

We had a very pleasant evening with the ladies to mark the transition of the Club Presidency from President Tony to the incoming President Alan. The evening clebrated the end of Tony’s year which has seen the club grow and the start of a new era for the club. This included the move to the 3 year rolling Presidency model allowing a long term and consistent strategy to develop as a result of the creation of the 3 Musketeers comprising the President, President Elect and Vice President.


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President Tony was delighted to present the Rotary International New…

President Tony was delighted to present the Rotary International New Membership Bronze Award at last week’s meeting.


The 30th Charter Night

Our 30th Charter Night was a great success, helped by an excellent speaker the Reverend Richard Coles, formerly of the well-known band The Communards. Thanks go to President Tony who created a spectacular night, the free marquee was a master stroke! Coupled with Rob Hart who did the video presentation, Dave Smith for providing the music and Paul James who sorted out the sound equipment.




Once again this event went extremely smoothly and thanks go to Alan Johnstone and Richard Brooks who were the driving force behind the event. Thanks also go to Dave Smith for organising the artists, Barry Rogers on the BBQ, Rob Hart in the beer tent, Ken for organising the Mayoral visit, Nigel for the Salvation Army Youth Group, Tony for marshalling the parking and thanks go to all the club members who turned out on the day to help.

The day went very well with over  2,500 people attending. The crowds seemed to enjoy the whole day and in particular the artists who performed on the day and the amazing show put on by the Kilburn Dance School.


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The Walking Weekend In The Yorkshire Dales

Everyone enjoyed a great time exploring the Yorkshire Dales and many thanks to David Birkett who organised and lead the whole event




The Shuttleworth Trip

Surprisingly David was last to arrive at the museum and didn’t get any stick for this even though he had emphasised the need to be on time.

The “Wellibus” unfortunately because of the weather had to remain in the hanger but all still had a good view of it.The group split, with the ladies thoroughly enjoying the garden tour, escorted by the head gardener Kevin, lucky chap!“The Collection”group had a guided tour of the museum  through a series of hangers to see many very historic aircraft and motor vehicles through the ages and included the Mark V Spitfire which after eight years was in the final stages of its four year re build !!!

Lunch, was at a country pub in a nearby village the pleasant atmosphere saved David from even more ribbing than he expected and probably deserve



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