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Latest News from Wellingborough Hatton:



Past President Alan Waller held a BBQ in his garden on Sunday 30 July as a major fund-raiser for the Northants Polio Fellowship and as a Social event for Hatton Rotarians and our Ladies/Inner Wheel, with the Northants Polio Group as our guests.

The event raised £750 to help the Northants Polio Group to extend into the Autumn the successful Hydrotherapy sessions at Moulton College that Hatton Rotary has supported this year for Polio Survivors.

The CEO of The British Polio Fellowship, Ted Hill, and his wife Maggie, were also guests, as were former Hatton Rotarian and President of the European Polio Association, John McFarlane, and his wife Mary, who came over from Ireland for the event.

John took the opportunity to make a major announcement concerning the new PoPSyCLE charity that he is setting up.

PoPSyCLE (Post Polio Syndrome Centre for Learning and Education) will focus on supporting Polio survivors both in the UK and subsequently across Europe.




P1070749 P1070707_edited-1 P1070712 P1070713
P1070733 P1070738 P1070747 P1070756


President Alan Hands Over The Reins To In Coming President Nigel

The President’s handover went well and it was great to welcome Nigel’s wife and mother to the ceremony along with all the other wives and partners. As you can see as Derek was first in line he must have built up quite a hunger during the proceedings.

P1070596president Nigel GrimmittP1070616_edited-1

P1070594 P1070607 P1070598 P1070606
P1070602 P1070610 P1070612 P1070587

Trip to Sywell Aviation Museum Organised by Dennis

Ben Brown our host and a founder member of the museum gave us a fascinating history of the museum then a tour of the exhibits within. Nineteen member turned up for what was a  great evening which closed with an enjoyable meal. provided by the Aviator Hotel.



P1070517 P1070520 P1070522 P1070524
P1070523 P1070519 P1070532aviater hotel P1070529


30th Charter Night

We had  a great night celebrating the club’s birthday and we were entertained by a magician who mystified us with his tricks.


DSC_4286 DSC_4287 DSC_4288 DSC_4289
DSC_4290 DSC_4291 DSC_4293 DSC_4295
DSC_4302 DSC_4303 DSC_4306 DSC_4312
DSC_4313 DSC_4315 DSC_4316 DSC_4317
DSC_4318 DSC_4319 DSC_4320 DSC_4321

Over 2500 attended the Family Fun Day

We had a fabulous day last Saturday the weather was great and excellent turnout of people from the area and a big thanks to all those of you who helped make it a success particularly Dave Smith and Richard Brookes whose committee organised the event the Communications Team who helped with its promotion and the club band The Symbolics aka Paul and Nigel . Thanks to Dennis whose pictures below tell the story.


DSC_4194 DSC_4199 DSC_4249 DSC_4247
DSC_4270 DSC_4265 DSC_4261 DSC_4222
DSC_4170 DSC_4177 DSC_4141 DSC_4144
DSC_4145 DSC_4146 DSC_4160 DSC_4164
DSC_4205 DSC_4200 DSC_4253 DSC_4147
DSC_4219 P1070470 DSC_4220 DSC_4198


DSC_4152 DSC_4156

The Waendel Walk

WW10K - 1

Nineteen Rotarians and family members took part in the annual Waendel Walk over a variety of distances on Saturday 13th May; all of which were successfully completed. The group aimed to walk a cumulative 100 miles in this international walking festival to acknowledge the centenary of Rotary’s own charity, the Rotary Foundation. In the end the total for the team was 140 miles.

WW 5K WW10&15K - 3 WW10K - 2

The following day the walkers turned supporters and operated a control and water point located near the Sywell Country Park on the long distance route where trade was brisk as the various groups passed through. This activity allowed the club service profile to be raised within the community.

waendel walk

WW Control - 3 WW Control - 4 WW Control - 2

President Alan is Interviewed

Alan was interviewed by Radio Northampton on the work we are doing to support post Post Polio Syndrome and the forthcoming Family Fun Day.




The Family Fun Day Programme Draw



The following are the winners of the programme draw who unfortunately were not at our Family Fun Day on Saturday when the prizes were awarded :
1st Prize ticket number 0150, winner Rachel Lee from Oundle
2nd prize, ticket number 0266, winner Joanne Woods from Rushden.
3rd prize, ticket number 0146, winner Elaine Smith from Northampton
Please make contact with us through info@hattonrotary.co.uk to make arrangements to collect your prize.

Welcome To Philip – New Member

We welcomed Philip into the club last Tuesday at his Induction please make him feel at home and help him find his way around our club.  WP_20170523_012_edited-1


WP_20170523_010 WP_20170523_011 WP_20170523_013

Purple For Polio Is Flowering

“Those of you who supported our “Purple for Polio” campaign by donating and receiving crocus corms as our appreciation will have been seeing the results in their garden, window boxes or plant pots over the last month. Each pack should have produced vivid purple displays such as can be seen here from one of our members wild garden!”

flowering 2 flowering 3 flowering


The Annual Pub Games Rotarians v The Inner Wheel

This was the Annual Pub Games with the  Ladies of the Inner Wheel at the Working mans club at Wilby  AND….  for the first time in 6 years the Rotarians won the contest. Everyone had a great time with a lot of friendly rivalry however the boys were pleased to have broken their long standing run of defeat.P1070272


P1070278 P1070282 P1070284 P1070236
P1070283 P1070245 P1070263 P1070278
P1070255 P1070256 P1070268 P1070238
 P1070210  P1070223  P1070218  P1070218


Action For Children Receive A Cheque For £200

 A visit by Susan Connor, and Chris Batchelor, both members of the management team for the charity ” Action for Children ” both attended to not only receive a cheque for £200 from Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club, but also to give us an insight into the work that they do locally to assist young people who have behavioural problems, and are challenged by varying physical disabilities.  They also absorbed the Fun United group when they lost their funding this was an organisation very close to the hearts of both Nigel and Paul.

Although they receive a Council grant, it leaves very little to provide extra assistance that they need.This is a charity, initially supported by Nigel and Paul , and has become a charity that Hatton Rotary can and no doubt will support in many different ways  Nigel  and Ken Harrington intend to attend one of their youth club events held on a Saturday Morning at the Swanspool pavilion.

Please click on the pictures to see in high resolution.


Presentation of The Rotary International Membership Development Award

Tony was presented with  the Rotary International Membership Development Award for achieving one of the highest retained membership levels in our district over the period of Tony’s presidency during 2015/2016.

WP_20170103_22_06_20_Pro__highres IMG_20161204_110119




10 finalists made it though over the number of weeks leading up to the final and the standard was extremely high, the 4 Judges (Former Mayor of Wellingborough and Rotarian Ken Harrington  and Mark Short alongside Alison Kelly) included the principal were tantalised visually and subjected to helpings of amazingly prepared food from a vast array of year groups within the finalists.

The very worthy winner Jess was eventually chosen who will hopefully go on to the young chef competition held next year with Rotary.

Ken also helped with the presentation alongside myself and the Principal Steve Elliot.



dsc_3473 dsc_3471 dsc_3469 dsc_3466
dsc_3465 dsc_3463 dsc_3462 dsc_3459
dsc_3457 dsc_3454 dsc_3453 dsc_3452
dsc_3450 dsc_3449 dsc_3448 dsc_3447
dsc_3444 dsc_3445 dsc_3443 dsc_3442
dsc_3441 dsc_3440 dsc_3439 dsc_3437
dsc_3434 dsc_3433 dsc_3432 dsc_3429

Another Record Year For The Santa Collection

With help from 17 Rotarians that took part, 8 of them on 3 or more nights, we have succeeded in yet another record collection of £2,316 and experienced a great welcome on the door step with many turning out to see us. Thursday saw us calling in at the Hart Brewery to join his beer and Carols evening. Santa was jazzed up this year joining in using hi mic to sing and spread Santa’s message.



dsc_3353 dsc_3357 dsc_3375 dsc_3387
dsc_3385 dsc_3352 dsc_3365 dsc_3373

International Day of People with Disability

President Alan and the Hatton Foundation team supported our friends from the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship as they maned an information stand at the Weston Favell shopping centre to mark the International Day of People with Disability on Saturday 3rd December. We were able to talk to a number of people about both the Rotary campaign to eradicate polio from the world and also about the polio survivors hydrotherapy project which they will shortly start at Moulton College, Northampton. Whilst doing this the branch members made contact with 2 other polio survivors who up to that point were unknown to them.

20161203_140107 20161203_130305


dscf1145jpg dscf1147jpg dscf1150jpg dscf1151jpg

District Governor John Dehnel Spoke to Us on The Theme For This Year Rotary Serving Humanity

We had a joint meeting with the mother club where District Governor John Dehnel addressed Rotarians on Rotary Serving Humanity.
George Hodgson was very pleased to have raised £176 in aid of charity supporting Prostate cancer meeting the challenge of growing a moustache over one month.


dsc_3341 dsc_3333 dsc_3343 dsc_3346


   Meeting At The Hind Hotel

Members of Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club met at their former meeting place at the Hind Hotel on the 22nd November as their usual venue was unavailable. The speaker was David Cernik on the subject of Dementia and how Dementia UK, a registered Charity and its Admiral Nurses, can help those diagnosed and their families, meet the challenges and changes that the illness brings into their lives. Included in the photographs between President Alan and David Cernik is the speaker is Hilda Hayo Chief Admiral Nurse and Chief Executive of the Charity.


dscn7685 dscn7686 dscn7692 dscn7689