In a commitment to community safety, Hatton Rotary proudly supports the Off The Streets initiative in Northamptonshire. Off the Streets focuses on distributing life-saving bleed kits strategically throughout the county, with over 1000 kits placed to date. These kits play a crucial role in saving lives during emergencies such as knife injuries or critical blood loss incidents.

Following an inspiring presentation by Samsons and Scott Fitzsimmons in October 2023, Hatton Rotary unanimously decided to purchase ten bleed kits. These kits will be strategically placed inside existing defibrillator boxes in East Northamptonshire. To ensure the community is well-equipped, training sessions on stopping critical bleeds are ongoing throughout the year in collaboration with Meditech Global. Hatton Rotary members will have access to these sessions in June, with plans to extend participation to other local Rotary groups and the general public.

The initiative aims to encourage other Rotary groups to sponsor bleed kits and participate in training sessions. Hatton Rotary’s recent purchase of ten bleed kits was presented by Rotary District 1070 Governor David Kendrick to Scott from Off The Street on January 16th. To further strengthen our community impact, Hatton Rotary is actively seeking new members. Interested individuals can email us at info@hattonrotary.co.uk. Join us in making a difference in Northamptonshire!