The Film BREATH A Polio Survivors Tale


END POLIOWith the permission of the theatre management the Rotarians staged a display in the foyer, spoke to the audience before each showing not only about the eradication campaign which has helped reduce the number of cases worldwide from 365,000 in 1983 to just 16 this year so far, but also about the worPOST POLIO SYNDROMEk of the Polio Fellowship. A short reinforcing video was also included in the film programme and a collection was taken at the end of the show to help fund the provision of vaccine.

The Rotarians would like to thank the staff and management of the Castle Theatre for supporting this activity, and just as importantly to thank the members of each audience who gave so generously. The total sum raised was just over £260 which in real terms equates to the provision of vaccine that will help treat 1500 children.

Dick Parsley