Dementia UK

In his year as President of Wellingborough Hatton rotary Club Nigel Grimmitt has nominated Dementia UK as his principle Charity. Dementia UK is dedicated to provide practical help guidance and support to all persons diagnosed with the Dementia condition and to their close families and carers.

During the year the club will be working towards ways in which they can help raise the awareness of the public for the need to support this cause and its Admiral Nurses who are highly qualified specialist Nurses in dementia care.

Unless you are directly affected by a close relationship to a loved one with the condition it is easy to misunderstand how much stress the Dementia condition can bring into families lives and the Admiral Nurse can either visit their homes or be accessible by telephone or E-mail to give the assistance needed.

To have a better grasp of the Charities work a visit to their website is recommended. Hatton Rotarian David Cernik who cared for his late wife for the best part of 15 years is now a Volunteer Ambassador for the Charity and is willing to give talksĀ  to any society or group in the Northamptonshire region that would like to learn more about the condition and how it affects those diagnosed and their families; also about the work of the Nurses and how the public can help Dementia UK in their cause.

His E-mail address is Dementia is now the leading cause of death in the UK.

Research is of course vital but until a cure or the means by which to arrest its progress can be found, those in our community, currently estimated to be in excess of 850, 000, increasing on average, one every three minutes, will surely need the support of these Nurses.