Euro Banger Rally

You will have seen Nigel  C’s updates during this epic journey of the Hatton Wackey Racers Tony, Nigel and Duncan.

We completed 2,500 miles and went through 9 countries in 4 days. This was a gruelling journey  leaving Wellingborough at 3.00 am on Friday 7th June arriving back at 11.45 on Monday 10th June. During the intervening days we were usually on the road by 7.30 am  and arriving at where we were staying at 8.30 in the evening so enough time to have  a meal and a drink then to bed ready for an early start the next day. We kept in touch with Nigel C through the day so that he could keep the club informed of progress. I made many posts on Facebook to keep the public and our followers up to date and we peaked at circa 6000 people reached and 2000 post engagement which helped to promote both the initiative and the club

The total raised through Just Giving stands at £3,867 we also  had a donation from Print and Data Wellingborough of £125 and from a member of the public £20 bring total received to £4,012. We will be adding money raised from the other events run as part of the “Invest  in Isebrook” campaign and taking account of costs and recovery of Gift Aid, which thanks to David Birkett’s efforts we are now registered to allow us to apply for.

A big thanks to Tony Frankland who was the initiator of the project and the rest of the team Duncan Nigel G and Nigel C ( base camp support).

By Duncan Forbes

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