Foundation Report – November 2016   Recently updated !


CHAIRMAN: Dick Parsley                                            VICE CHAIRMAN: Nigel Cheetham




COUNCIL MEETING DATE: 8th November 2016



·        Crocus Bulbs

·        Tree planting for Foundation centenary

·        Individual commitment to support our Foundation

·        Band concert to raise awareness and funds

·        Support for polio survivors

·        Bonus ball




·        5000 bulbs now successfully distributed to the public and some members from our stall on 22nd October. The collection plus the money raised from the raffle on Tuesday 1st November amounted to £420 giving us a net gain of £335 or the equivalent of some 2000 doses of vaccine. Thanks to all who supported our efforts in any way.

·        Our initial tree bid to the woodland trust was unsuccessful but can be re-submitted for the spring.

·        Following our decision at the last business meeting we have pledged £450 to support the project to use the Hydrotherapy pool at Moulton College by members of local Polio survivors group. They have subsequently been in touch to confirm that they had raised the outstanding balance. I have asked for their bank details to arrange for the money to be transferred. Planning for the project is now going ahead with the aim of trialling the project in January and February of 2017.

·        Some members of the group made contact with the Northampton clubs having heard of and seen the crocus planting in Abington Park. This extra contact could result in even more support for the group than we can give as a single club.




·        Individual commitment to donate to our giving to the Annual Programme Fund.

·        Continued support for the weekly bonus ball.

·        Giving Tuesday on 29th November. Members might like to make their personal donation to our Foundation in conjunction, even though we are meeting on the Monday of that week!! We can then include the mother club and indeed the DG.




Dick Parsley                                                                                                                                4th November 2016