Foundation Report – October 2016


CHAIRMAN: Dick Parsley                                            VICE CHAIRMAN: Nigel Cheetham




COUNCIL MEETING DATE: 11th October 2016



·        Crocus Bulbs

·        Tree planting for Foundation centenary

·        Individual commitment to support our Foundation

·        Band concert to raise awareness and funds

·        Support for polio survivors

·        Bonus ball




·        5000 bulbs now delivered and Nigel is packing them into bags of 30 to sell/give away for a donation of £2 from a stand in the Swansgate on 22nd October. The date coincides with World Polio Day on 24th October.

·        Our initial tree bid to the woodland trust was unsuccessful but can be re-submitted for the spring.

·        President Alan and I visited a meeting of the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship that has some 40 active members and up to 70 polio survivors on their books. We were both impressed by the efficiency and energy of the group leaders. We have some indications now of where they could use our support. The main area at the moment is to help them run an assessment programme of the benefits of regular hydrotherapy sessions at a specialist facility at Moulton College. The total cost is £900 split equally between an initial physical assessment of 8 people and then 6 weekly pool sessions. Experience of similar but more limited exposure at St Thomas’s Hospital in London has shown positive benefits in maintaining mobility for the individual.





·        Volunteers to help man the stall in the Swansgate on 22nd October. Two hours slots are planned but any time contribution would be most welcome.

·        A discussion as to whether any or all of the £900 can be made available to support the polio survivors hydrotherapy sessions.

·        Individual commitment to donate to our giving to the Annual Programme Fund.




Dick Parsley                                                                                                                                9th October 2016