Past President Alan Waller held a BBQ in his garden on Sunday 30 July as a major fund-raiser for the Northants Polio Fellowship and as a Social event for Hatton Rotarians and our Ladies/Inner Wheel, with the Northants Polio Group as our guests.

The event raised £750 to help the Northants Polio Group to extend into the Autumn the successful Hydrotherapy sessions at Moulton College that Hatton Rotary has supported this year for Polio Survivors.

The CEO of The British Polio Fellowship, Ted Hill, and his wife Maggie, were also guests, as were former Hatton Rotarian and President of the European Polio Association, John McFarlane, and his wife Mary, who came over from Ireland for the event.

John took the opportunity to make a major announcement concerning the new PoPSyCLE charity that he is setting up.

PoPSyCLE (Post Polio Syndrome Centre for Learning and Education) will focus on supporting Polio survivors both in the UK and subsequently across Europe.




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