Support For Survivors Of Polio

As well as contributing to the eradication of Polio throughout the world the Rotary Club of Wellingborough Hatton is supporting local polio survivors as they cope with Post-Polio Syndrome.

Partnering with the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship, the Rotary Club of Wellingborough Hatton has raised money to enable polio survivors in Northamptonshire to benefit from regular exercise sessions in a hydrotherapy pool in the Chris Moody Centre at Moulton College under the supervision of specially trained physiotherapists.

Polio Survivors suffer mobility difficulties as they grow older. Their muscles become much weaker than normal and exercise can become painful.  The hydrotherapy pool at Moulton College is an excellent facility and enables the polio survivors to exercise wasting muscles in a safe and controlled environment.

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Alan Waller together with Foundation Chairman Dick Parsley and Nigel Cheetham recently visited the hydrotherapy pool when a number of the Polio Survivors were undergoing one of their therapy sessions.

the club is continuing to support this organisation the people involved are members of the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship and their therapy is being funded by Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club in conjunction with the Rotary Foundation. The Rotarians are also giving hand-on support at the weekly sessions where needed.