Scotland Banger Rally Round Up



Rally Teams

Paul and Mary James               Bill and Jane

Nigel and Tim                             Duncan and Richard

Minus day 1 One of the cars was in bits with some significant repairs needed before we set off the next day. So, some worrying moments for Paul as team member Bill (a mechanic) worked late in the night to fix his Citroen. Further problems when Nigel discovered he could not open the boot of his Vauxhall Tigra (a 2-seater) so ended up cramming bags in behind the seats.

Day 1 saw us complete 500 miles to Inverness having left at 6.00 am and arriving at around 5.30 without a hitch.

Day 2 we started the 500 miles comprising the NC500, the first leg being 300 miles to Ullapool. We   set off at around 8.00 am without time for breakfast. On the way we stopped at John O Groats where unfortunately, one of the cars failed to start. Bill once again came to the rescue and manged to solve the problem. On the way Nigel in their open topped car  lost Tim’s hat and Paul has a  wheel trim come off which Bill recovered. We continued our journey but only to find the road closed halfway to our destination. We had to regroup and figure out an alternative route to our destination and arrived there at around 5.30pm.

Day 3 was the second leg of the NC500 travelling from Ullapool to Inverness including the renowned Applecross Pass. On the way we encountered the inevitable highland cattle who seemed to have a mind of their own! plus the dreaded camper vans. We stopped at the Apple Cross Inn for a drink and some tasty fish and chips before tackling the Apple cross pass in misty wet conditions ending the day with celebratory dinner back at Inverness having completed the NC500 in just 2 days.

Day 4 saw us complete the arduous 500-mile journey back home taking over 9 hours.

The total distance we travelled over the 4 days was1500 miles and so far, we estimate we have raised £3,000 including an assessment for Gift Aid.

This all about raising money for Cransley Hospice our target is £5,000 so please continue to donate using this link.