District 1070 Report

Welcome Hatton Rotarians to my update report on our district developments .

District Conference

Fri, Jun 28th 2024 at 9:00 am- Sun, Jun 30th 2024 – 5:00 pm

Combined with District Handover

The Scarborough Spa

is the venue for the 2024 Conference and we hope to organise a good attendance at what should be a brilliant weekend of celebration and enjoyment / fun .

The contents of these pages are to keep all 1070 Members aware of what is being planned to celebrate the 100 Years of 1070. If you have comments or ideas please let me know .

The notes from the first meeting of the Centenary Committee are shown below to give a background to the committee. Thereafter meetings minutes will be available as a download in Word allowing members to copy specific items for other use.

1st Centenary Committee Meeting


The purpose of the group is to determine, plan, promote and oversee specific events celebrating the 100th anniversary of District 1070.   Such events will be held between 1st July 2023 and 30th June 2024.

Centenary Committee

The committee is to be chaired by Peter Berry (Grantham) and will comprise David Kendrick (Rushden Chichele), Chris Knight (Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle), Moira Penny (St Ives), Ian Robinson (Danetre, Daventry) and Arthur Ambrose (Grantham Kesteven)

Centenary Conference

It is intended to hold the centenary conference over the weekend 28th to 30th June 2024; proposed venue yet to be determined.    The weekend will also celebrate the DG handover at the end of the Rotary year.    In essence David Kendrick will be DG at the start of the conference and Chris Knight will be DSG at the end of the conference.    The handover celebration is scheduled to take place at the Gala Dinner on the Saturday evening.      On current planning,  Ken Billington will be the Conference Manager.   Eve Conway (RGB&I Director), has already agreed to attend; Gordon McInally (RI President) has ben invited.

Proposed Events

In addition to the Centenary Conference the events so far proposed are as follows:

Purple Ball(s)

The concept is that a specific club will be asked to organise a celebratory dinner/dance.   The number of Purple Ball to be held has yet to be agreed.

Have 4 Purple 100 balls in differing areas of the district, run and organised by clubs with a % of the revenue raised to go to the organising clubs

Centenary Raffle –

The concept is to hold a district-wide raffle for which Clubs will be asked to sell a minimum of £100 worth of tickets with the proceeds going towards the chosen centenary charities.

Centenary raffle to be launched at the District Handover in June 2023, drawn at the Conference Ball and having 100 prizes ranging from large to small, would require involvement of major companies, ticket priced at £5, if every club could sell 100 revenue in the region of £40000.  Look to major companies for a main prize, car or similar

Sponsored Centenary Environmental Project –

The concept is that we will declare a specific 7-day period “Environment Week” and invite clubs to either hold a related event (ie litter picks, tree planting etc)

To be conducted in the same week across the district and looking for something high profile to attract media attention

Youth Involvement –

The concept is to promote a youth focussed activity such as Outbound/Inbound Exchange, specific youth competitions and RYLA against the backdrop of 100 years of Rotary in District 1070.  This initiative will not only focus on participation at schools but also other youth organisations such as the scouts and cadet forces etc. 

Utilise schools, youth programs, Rotaract and Interact, perhaps to design advertising and logo material.

Short Story Competition –

The concept is to invite individuals to write a short story (500 words) about Rotary (Rotary Moments, history of Rotary in the District, memorable events etc).   This will be judged by a qualified and published short story author who has won numerous prizes in this genre)

Stories about Rotary and our involvement in the troubles in the world and our desire to eradicate Polio (Proved to be only a plane ride away)

Fundraising for the 2023/2024 DG Calendar – The Calendar is being prosecuted by the DG 2023/2024 cohort in aid of mental health (strapline – love the skin your in); Districts will be asked to contribute £500 towards supporting the initial costs of the calendar and requested to assist in the associated sales campaign.

Sandcastle Making/Treasure Hunt on the Beach – The concept is to organise an event to take place in the Skegness/Mablethorpe area that comprises fellowship fun and an element of competition.

This is a “working” list and not an exhaustive detail of potential events; itis expected that other ideas will be included and that listed concepts will be shelved if proved untenable. 

Centenary Web Site

It is expected that we will design and deploy purpose built web pages on the D1070 web site that will focus on the centenary programme.

Public Image

We will be applying for a dedicate budget to accommodate promotion and advertising of the agreed programme.   We will also seek to maximise media coverage of events so as to promote maximum public awarenees.

Centenary Programme

We aim to start building up a programme for the year as a living document until it is set in stone in June 2023.

Centenary Charities

Proposed Centenary Charities at present are End Polio Now and Mental Health (coincides with Gordon McInally mental health campaign)

Each of the projects to be run by a separate committee to ensure that focus is kept on the project as a whole but also where it fits into the main plan

Need to produce a Project timeline showing the starting and finishing points of each project.


Nigel Grimmitt

President Elect Hatton Rotary