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voice for our Clubs and Team Leaders to let everyone know what’s going on in our District.

Who is this magazine for?

The simple answer is everyone!

News & Events is a magazine directed not just at Rotary members, but our friends & neighbours, wherever and whoever they may be. The Magazine showcases the latest Rotary acheivements by our Clubs, District 1070 and Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland, as well as highlighting key issues where Rotary’s help is desperately needed.

Magazine Availability

All editions of News & Events are available online. 



Clubs & Rotarians – How you can Help

We want to showcase your activites and achievments! So many Rotarians are doing such fantastic work for many very needy causes that deserve to be showcased to the world.

Please send us your stories, big or small with pictures and we will publish them either in the Magazine or on the Website.


Team Leaders – How you can Help


We want to showcase your activites and achievments! With dedicated sections in the Magazine you can tell the world about the fantastic work your Teams are doing.


  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Youth Activities & Programmes
  • Environmental Service
  • International Service
  • Community Activities & Programmes



We hope that you enjoy reading News & Events!

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